A Mind Forever Voyaging cover

Today, my mind turned to this game. I never understood its political background until I read Jimmy Maher’s coverage of it (here, here, and here). I was too young to witness Reagan’s rise; the first election I can remember is George H. W. Bush winning 1988. So the fear of what Reagan might be capable of was alien to me.

I’d like to think that the past can help us understand the present, but I am filled with uncertainty, every path my mind takes.

Writing Interactive Fiction With Twine is available in print!

Writing Interactive Fiction with Twine on the shelfI ventured out to a local Barnes & Noble yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised that it was not only there, but also given some prominence on the shelf by the staff.

I think the book production folks at Que did a great job with the print edition. After spending so much time looking at drafts in Word, it was nice to see it, y’know, actually given form with typography and layout.

I had also forgotten — honest! — about the foreword I had written for the book. So I can say that not only did I help with the editing, but my writing does appear in it, even though it’s but one page of 432.

I think by law I am required to link to where you can purchase it, in case you do not know how to exchange money for books, so go to it.

(I didn’t notice Mazes for Programmers next to it until after I had gotten home, but what a book title!)