Twine 2.3.0 beta 1

This post originally appeared on my Patreon.

Hooray! I’m very excited to have something for people to try out, but mind the warnings about data loss. Expect some bumps in the road– I noticed a new bug just this morning as I was doing the release.

Below are the release notes I posted to GitHub, where you can also download the beta.

New Features

  • Now uses Electron as its desktop app shell instead of NW.js. The goal of this change is to increase stability of the desktop apps. It also should allow for a more responsive interface, as certain tasks (like saving changes) will happen in the background as opposed to locking up the main UI. Because this change involved considerable reworking of the saving and loading process, it is possible that this beta may contain bugs that would affect saved stories. Before using this beta, please take a backup of your stories, and save backups often.
  • Harlowe 3.0 is now included as a story format choice.
  • Bahasa Malaysian, Chinese, and Russian localizations have been added.

Bug Fixes

  • Dragging passages should be more reliable, as the algorithm for avoiding overlaps has been improved.
  • If you have a test or playable version of a story open in another browser tab or window and choose to test or play it again, the tab or window will refresh (it previously only showed the tab or window again).