Link roundups

Let’s start by turning some subtext into text: I am trying out gradually moving away from Twitter in favor of this blog. Lots of reasons why. Twitter’s got issues, to say the least, but I also like writing longer posts. I like the quiet of working on something for a while, of typing into a rectangle that fills my screen instead of a one guiding me towards writing three sentences, maybe, at most.

I’m also going to try bundling up links into single posts, since a lot of smart people to do that, too.

  • Emily Short blogs about her experience taking a masterclass in set design with Punchdrunk, theĀ Sleep No MoreĀ people. Her notes and reflections are thorough enough that although I’m sure they’re no replacement for the class, I found myself thinking quite a few thoughts in response.
  • Eve is an abandoned programming platform, but I found so much I agreed with in its goals and orientation. I am tired of editor color themes that turn comments dim and code bright and citrusy, as if comments are meant to be jotted in haste and henceforth ignored.
  • I’ve been to the FedEx office mentioned in this history of Nazism in Baltimore (may you one day rise from your grave, City Paper).