Mercy, interactive fiction, 1997. (IFDB Entry)
Nominated for Best Story and Best Setting, 1997 XYZZY Awards.

Blue Chairs, interactive fiction, 2004. (IFDB Entry)
2nd place, 2004 Interactive Fiction Competition; winner, Best Game, Best Writing and Best Story, 2004 XYZZY Awards.

Where We Remain, Flash, 2010, with Joel Haddock.

Sanctuary 17, Flash, 2010, with Joel Haddock.

Alight, Flash, 2011, with Joel Haddock.
Sponsored by and was highlighted on their home page.

“Alight is minimal—requiring only a few movements and repeating its soundtrack on each level—but it’s about as rich as browser games get.” — The Onion A.V. Club

Sought, PC, 2012, with Joel Haddock.

“Sought is a beautiful reverie that treads the line between recurring dream and nightmare. In fact, it can be both in one brief playthrough.” — IndieHunt, Best of 2012

Camp Keepalive, PC, 2013, with Joel Haddock.