19 December 2021Off Twitter

I've decided that beginning in 2022, I will be absent from Twitter. That's not to say that I was particularly present on Twitter this past year, anyway--but I feel like I may as well draw a line instead of being vague. I don't plan on deleting my account, though, because I don't want anybody squatting the account name.

The short reason is: Twitter exhausts me. There isn't any joy left in it for me. My time with it feels like being telepathic in a football stadium of people. It's too angry, too confused, too random, and what time I have spent with it this past year has felt like work. And, ostensibly, a social network is supposed to be enjoyable to use? Isn't it?

The slightly shorter reason is: the best time to quit Twitter was when it became the Trump show. The second-best time to quit Twitter was when it became the COVID doomscroll. The third-best time to quit Twitter is now.

This is where people quitting Twitter normally say "follow my blog, instead," except that basically all of my blogging energy is consumed by posting weekly devlogs on Patreon. That might sound like an ad, but I promise it's the truth. I would like old devlogs to appear here on this site, but I need to figure out how to do an export. (Of course, Patreon doesn't really make that easy.) The posts are almost all text, so even if there isn't a nice way to do it, copy and paste will probably work reasonably well... if slowly.