31 December 2016Near miss

In a recent IFTF blog post, I mentioned I hoped to get Twine 2.1.0 out by the end of the calendar year. Well... that hasn't happened, obviously. The main cause was me coming down with two minor illnesses nearly back-to-back over the winter break -- one head- and throat-based, one stomach-based. So most of my free time ended up being allocated to lying in bed with a fever instead of, you know, actual fun stuff.

We're still in pretty good shape. There are a few bugs that need addressing before the release, but not too too many. I'm thinking mid- to late-January right now as a revised date.

In sort of related news, I think I'm now in good enough shape that I'll still be able to do my presentation on gamebook history at MAGFest this year (it'll be Thursday 1/5 at 4:30 PM). This is a reprise of the presentation I did last year with some added information here and there, so if you missed it last year or this will be your first year at MAGFest, consider stopping by. It's not a super Twine-focused presentation, but I do think people into Twine would find it interesting, and I'm always happy to talk to folks afterwards.