16 November 2016Twine 2.1.0 beta 3

This was originally posted to my Patreon.

Not quite there yet, but pretty close to a release. You can download it from the usual place.

The major update on this beta is that we've added multiple versions of Harlowe and SugarCube, two popular story formats -- the things that run a published story in a browser.

In particular, Twine 2 has lagged pretty hard behind SugarCube releases, so this beta adds the ability for you to pick which version of SugarCube, 2.11.0 or 1.0.35, you'd like to use. Before, you had to install SugarCube 2 by hand, which was a bit of a hassle. Similarly, this lets you start using the Harlowe 2.0 release series (which I think is still in the finishing-touches phase), which brings many improvements over 1.0.

(The dialogs related to story formats have been overhauled, too, to make them a bit simpler to digest.)

If you have a free moment and the inclination to test this beta out, it would be especially helpful. The reason why is that this version tries its best to gracefully transition you to an appropriate story format version, even if you had previously installed SugarCube 2 by hand before. And I want to get that as tested as possible, since if it goes wrong it could mess up people's workflows significantly.

Thoughts? I've posted a topic to the forum.