22 June 2016grunt-entwine-quickstart

This post originally appeared on my Patreon.

I have something new for you to play with! I realize it's been a while. It's called grunt-entwine-quickstart, which probably sounds like nonsense if you don't live in the JavaScript world. In short, it's a set of utilities that will help people who are a bit more technically savvy, or who are building larger stories.

With it, you can:

To get started, visit the project page and follow the instructions there. Although you'll need to use a command prompt with this, I tried really hard to make it understandable for people who haven't used it before. Please let me know if there are parts that are confusing about the instructions!

If you do live in the JavaScript universe, you may want to use the Grunt plugin as-is. Or you may want to use a plain old command line script, or play with it in JavaScript directly. You can totally do this! Install twine-utils instead and you'll get a entwine command and associated Node module.

Keep in mind that this is the first public release, so there may be bugs lurking here. If you do run into problems, please add a bug report to the project page. There's also room to grow here, too. I can see adding a Twine 1 -> Twine 2 converter to this project, and also adding a mobile app builder with PhoneGap/Cordova in the future.