3 May 2016A second book about Twine!

I'm pleased to see that Writing Interactive Fiction With Twine, a book by Melissa Ford that I tech edited, is now available in e-book format! It will appear in print later this month, at which point I will gush with excitement all over again.

I'm excited both that this is the first book I've ever tech edited, and that it's the second book I know about that is specifically about Twine. (There's Rise of the Videogame Zinesters too, of course -- but while it talks a lot about Twine, I think the ambitions of the book extend past Twine, to a larger creative movement.) That first book is Videogames for Humans, which Merritt Kopas herself gave me a copy of-- pretty nifty.

What I really like about Writing Interactive Fiction With Twine is that it treats coding and writing as equal partners in the creative process, and devotes its time accordingly. I think that's just right for a book about Twine, and for that matter, interactive fiction in general. I think it's easy to fall into the trap of gee-whiz technical tricks without considering what story purposes they might serve. Melissa dodges that quite deftly.

(By the way, the book also devotes many chapters to a gentle introduction to Harlowe, the default story format in Twine 2 -- so if you're used to SugarCube but are curious what Harlowe's all about, the book is a great way to try it.)

Tech editing was more intimidating than I expected. I hate errors in technical books and resolved to make sure Melissa's copy was spot-on accurate, but after all was said and done, I remained paranoid I missed something. We'll see!