24 Feburary 2016Some links on the history of gamebooks

So I got to present a session at MAGFest this past weekend! I enjoyed it a lot. If you're not familiar with it, it's a fan convention centering around video games but with a strong focus on music. (Hence the name -- Music And Gaming.) That means chiptune performances like Chipzel (who I sadly missed this year), for example, but also performances with gameplay such Bit Brigade and Journey Live. I was lucky enough to see most of the debut performance of Journey Live, and was just floored by how good it was. If there's any way at all for you to go to one of their performances, you ought to.

Anyway, I've been attending MAGFest for a number of years, but this was my first one presenting. I did a session on the history and predecessors of gamebooks, a subject that's obviously dear to my heart. And, it appeared, a subject that also brought up fond memories for a number of attendees. Thanks to everyone who dropped in!

As I promised in the session, below are the links from my presentation: