Life comes at you pretty fast in the frontend world

Putting the finishing touches on the Twine release tonight, I realized we have basically changed everything in our quote-unquote stack:

Twine 2.0.0 (2014) Twine 2.1.0 (2017)
ES5 ES6 + Babel
Grunt npm scripts
Backbone + Marionette Vue + vue-router + Vuex
Browserify Webpack
Selenium Karma + Sinon + Chai

Still Alive But On Borrowed Time: Font Awesome, jQuery, SVG.js
Still Alive, Not Going Anywhere: CodeMirror, Jed, JSZip, Underscore

The prospect of linking all of these things is overwhelming, so, uh, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, try npm?¬†And honestly, each row could be a post in itself, but I already have a blog backlog– so…

3 thoughts on “Life comes at you pretty fast in the frontend world”

    1. Being able to break things into components more easily, and data retrieval. Backbone kinda assumes you will be pulling in data from a server via AJAX, but we’re entirely clientside. We were using backbone-localstorage to fake that, but it wasn’t really intended for real apps, so we were having performance problems with large stories.

      I looked at Ampersand as a possible replacement, but the support just isn’t there in my opinion. I ran into a problem with it and the best option to get help was their Gitter chatroom– better than nothing, but not as good as Vue’s forums (and its docs are more thorough, in my opinion).

      1. Interesting, thanks! I’ve been resisting moving on from Backbone, because I still haven’t felt like it wasn’t serving my needs, but as you say, new frontend frameworks come into style pretty frequently so I feel like I’m several generations behind. Ironically I’ve never actually used the AJAX features in Backbone, but then I haven’t needed localstorage either– I just like the Model/Collection/View structure, and events. But I should probably take a look at your Vue usage to see what I’m missing out on…

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