I’ll be at WordPlay 2017

Next weekend, I’ll be speaking at WordPlay in Toronto, as well as giving a Twine workshop there. The workshop will be a little bit of an experiment; in the past, I’ve done workshops using the default Twine 2 format, Harlowe, but for this one I’m going to try showing people Snowman. What I have found with Harlowe is that eventually people will ask about some edge case that I don’t have a great answer for, but I totally know how I would do it with Snowman–so I’m going to see if I can get people up to speed with Snowman. Hopefully, it will not be too steep of a climb for an hour-long workshop. We’ll see!

It will be my first time at WordPlay and my first time in Toronto, and I’m excited about both! Though I am not excited about the cold. It has been unseasonably warm here until this past week, so I held out hope that Toronto would be not supercold. It’s looking like I will not be so lucky, however…

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